“As seen in Frankie Magazine”

I knit, and knit and sometimes people see what I make and they like it! That makes me happy! This time it is my retractable tape measure with a knitted cover that has been spotted. And it has been spotted by the super cool Australian Frankie Magazine!

Page 132 in the magazine



Spot the knitted one! It’s the white and green number 8. I have several designs and you can see them all in my Etsy store By Eline.


The pleasures of a home office

These days I am working from home and have taken over the library as my office. There are a few perks here I would say; I have a corner office with a stereo. The view is nice and I have a full kitchen available for making lunch! The best of all is not to have to hurry out the door in the morning.

There are a few down sides too. I have no colleagues to chat with during breaks or to bounce ideas with. Internet is a good way to stay in touch with likeminded people, but it isn’t the same. A Skyp meeting comes close to a real meeting, but the way I deal with the lack of colleagues is to invite friends and people I know out for lunch or a coffee.

With my work now being a mixture of creative and production, it is so nice to get out and listen to other people and what they are doing. It gives me a good break and I can go back to my work with a fresh approach.

An a new approach is what I need now that I have started working on my second book proposal!