About eline

Hello! I am Eline and I love to make things, preferably in wool. I need to have a place for creativity in my life. Sometimes I have a lot of time for creativity and then I have time to write knitting books and design many patterns - other times I have less time and then I just make things for fun. I hope you will find inspiration to feed your own creativity here on my blog!

I am going to knit my way through the US!

Yarn and needles are packed, passport and tickets are ready and I am off the America to meet fellow knitters and have some fun!



For the first time in my life I will go to Minnesota and Iowa. I will also be in Washington DC. There will be chances for me to meet you and here are the places I will be:

November 6th:

Ingebretsen´s Scandinavina Store in Minneapolis, 12:00, I will sign my book “Knit Nordic”


Northfield Yarn, Northfield, MN from 5:30 to 7:30 pm.  I will host a trunk show and sign my book “Knit Nordic” as well as being around for a good chat!


November 9th:

Vesterheim Museum, Decorah, Iowa from 2:00 pm to 4:pm I will speak on “North Atlantic Knitting History” and sign my book “Knit Nordic”.

You can start knitting the Lotus Hat and I will give you advice if you like. Lotus Bowl Hat

My talk is part of a very interesting weekend program called Knit-In and there are other interesting talks to listen too as well.

Contact Laurann Gilbertson (lgilbertson@vesterheim.org, 563-382-9681). Pre-registration is preferred. Specify one day (and which) or two days when you register.

November 10th: 

Textile Center of Minnesota, Minneapolis from 6:00 to 8:30 pm. I will teach a class on Colour Confidence in Stranded Knitting.

Register by email to classes@ingebretsens.com or call 612-729-9333.

November 12th:

Fiberspace in Alexandria, VA from 5:00 to 9:pm. I will host a trunk show and sign my book “Knit Nordic”. I will bring lots of projects you can find the patterns for in my Ravelry store and I will be there to chat with you on choice of yarn, colours and what ever is on your mind!

The program is not complete yet so check in again to see where we can meet for a knitting chat!

Little fun knits that makes a great gift!

I like to knit small projects that are fast but still give a bit of a challenge. It is much easier to learn new skills when you are starting a small project then when you are starting a big one. It´s not so daunting when you know the fiddling will only last for a few short rounds!


My designs in Interweave Knits Gifts 2014

Smart phone cosies are just that kind of project. It takes about three hours to make one and there are endless possibilities for patterns!

If you have set your eyes on a beautiful Faire Isle s_MG_7289_medium2weater and are new to stranded knitting (colour work) then a little project is just the thing to try if stander knitting is something you will stick with through a sweater.

Some of my phone cosies and an iPad cosy are featured in the current issue of Interweave Knits Gifts. And these small knitted cosies are the perfect gift!


You can knit one up in your friends favourite colour, or Dad can get one in a colour that matches his car!


This cup cosy pattern is available for free on Ravelry.


There are lots of small fun usable project you can try if you want to check out stander knitting. The “to-go” cup sleeve is fast to knit and great to gift.


Three different varieties of smart phone cosies. The outer two are based on the pattern in "knit Nordic". The middle one is a new pattern.

Three different varieties of smart phone cosies. The outer two are based on the pattern in the book “Knit Nordic” (Collins & Brown, 2014). The middle one available on Ravelry.

In need of inspiration

There are so many things that inspiring to us we never really know what triggers it and where we are going to find it. I love that about being creative; you never know what will spark off the next design!

I have put together some of my things to see if, arranged in a different way, they can get me going. I collect Norwegian folk art painted bowls. I find them at charity shops and flee markets. They are so handy to have for bread, fruits and snacks. Today I got them out and had a better look at them.

DSC00473There are some shades of colours that are common for the Norwegian folk art, and I tend to find them a bit heavy. However there are some interesting colour combinations to be spotted in the intricate patterns.

DSC00474I love the bowls for their history and the labor of love that has gone into making them. Mine are mainly post WW2 and therefor super affordable. If they date before the war they are found in antique stores and not flee markets. I think the post war ones deserve to be valued too.

My other mood board making today has a foxy theme. I was in England some weeks ago and bought some screen print tea towels that can be stitched up to a toy or a cushion on a rainy day! I love the idea and I love the prints too. I also came across a most beautiful card that happen to be a fox. So here we go:

DSC00476The unfolded tea towel is by Mibo, and the folded up one is by Sarah Young.

Looking at the card by Judy Lumley I just marvel at the creativity she displays. DSC00478The yarn I tucked into the photo is some hand dyed yarn I got on Etsy from Lanitium Ex Machina. I didn’t think about foxes when I got it, but it was laying around when I unpacked by fox finds form England and what a match!

DSC00477It’s time to get back to my drawing pad and pencils. I do feel a bit more inspired so hopefully some great new hand knit designs will follow.

Thick and fast = FUN!

I often knit in DK weigh yarn on needles 3,5 to 4mm (US 4 -6), and I watch the work grow slowly. I love the definition that can achieved with this tension and colour work. But sometimes it is fun to change yarn and needles and speed up a bit.


The other day I did just that. I have had some Alafoss Lopi in my yarn cupboard for ages, and it takes up space. So in lack of a project for the yarn I got it out together with a pair of needles size 12mm (US 17)! I needed a bedside rug for the wooden floor in the bedroom, so it was pretty straight forward!

It’s a no-brainer to knit the rug, but if you need a no-brainer the pattern can be downloadedIMG_1509 for free here!

Spring Rain

It’s the time on the year when spring and summer is all that matters. Spring is always late to arrive on my shores in Norway, so I went to England to say hello to daffodils and sprouting leafs!

Last weekend was really lovely and I went to Cambridge. It’s such an inspiring place! IMG_1438The end of this week was a bit colder and rainy, as spring is always a bit unpredictable. I could not spend all day outside and what better way to spend the time indoor than to knit! As I am not into knitting sweaters at this time of the year – winter is history! Instead I did a really quick rug.

IMG_1509After to evenings of knitting I had a beautiful thick rug that can be used for many different purposes. As Saturday morning was sunny but cold I covered the garden chair with my little rug and sat outside with my morning tea. Tonight the rug will be on the floor in front of my bed.

Happy spring knitting!

I was so pleased with my rainy evening knitting project that I thought it worth sharing. You can down load the patter for free: download here