Leilani in “The Knitter” issue 60

TKN60.noro.0495_mediumPhoto: The Knitter

I love to knit lace in the round! As I often end up with neck warmers and capelets I challanged myself to find new ways with lace circles when I designed Leilani. It’s such a fun knit and I love the way the team at The Knitter Magazine had styled the photos of it. If you are looking for a fun and unsual knitting project for the summer I think you have one here. The magazine is on sale in the UK on June 28th and about the same time in the US.

The shrug is knitted in Noro Silk Garden Sock yarn and we all know how fun that is to work with!

TKN60.noro.0375_mediumWhat ever you are kitting this summer I wish you a great time and remember to relax, take in nature and feel good!

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