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Rosee CollarRosee Collare. A perfect and cosy adornment for the office or anywhere!

Price: USD 4.99


All Seasons Slippers Knitting Pattern. My bestseller! Price: USD 5.49
This Lava Top was published in The Knitter, issue 42. Price: USD 5.49.
Hot Chocolate Warmer. Price: USD 6.49.
9 to 5 capelet knitting pattern. A fun knit you can wear at the office! Price: USD 5.49.
Modern Neck Warmer. Price: USD 5.00.
Fun Ruffle Neck Warmer. Price: USD 5.90
My favourite!  Peacock’s Tail Capelet Knitting Pattern. Price: USD 6.49
Summer Evening Shrug. Price: USD 5.00
Wave Shoulder Cosy. Price: USD 4.49
Ruffle Neck Cosy. Price: USD 4.00
Fair Isle Boot Cuffs. Price: USD 4.49
Skroo Fair Isle Boot Socks. Price: USD 4.99
Fair Isle iPhone Sock. Price: USD 1.99
Fair Isle Capelet. Price: USD 5.49
These fun hats are inspired by the vintage enamelware by Cathrineholm.The pattern has sizes for adults and childrens hat.
Price: USD 4.99
Lotus Pot Holders. Price: USD 5.00
Ocean Blue Collar. Price: USD 6.49
The Audery Capelet Knitting Pattern. Price: USD 4.99
Nordic Winter Tam. Price: USD 5.49

Scandie Winter Hat

Scandie Winter Hat

FREE Colour Cowl knitting pattern.
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Scandie Winter Hat. Price: USD 4.99
Nordic Rose Top Knitting Pattern. This is a simple knit with no seams to stitch up at the end!  Price: USD 5.49.
Colour Therapy Scarf. Price: USD 2.99
Café Neck Cosy. Price: USD 3.49
Elegant Gauntlets. Price: USD 5.00
Rustic Hats. Price: USD 3.99
Wonderful White Top. Price: USD 5.49
The Gatsby Top Knitting Pattern.
Price: USD 6.99
Funnel Neck Top. Price: USD 5.49
The Victoria Lace Capelet. I designed this while watching the wedding of the Swedish Crown Princess Victoria on TV. Price: USD 6.49
Alpelue. Pattern is available in Norwegian only. Price: NOK 35.00
The Stag Sweater.
Price: USD 7.95
Neck Cosy.
Price: USD 2.99
Paris Scarf.
Price: USD 5.00
Classy Cardigan.
Price: USD 6.49