Spring cleaning

Spring is coming very early to Norway this year it looks like! I don’t need to tell you what a great feeling it is, we are all longing for warm weather, flowers and spending the best of the days outside.

I am having a spring cleaning among my knitting. I am quite proud when I take a look at all the things I have produced during the last year. Some of the projects I am very proud of and other are what happens when you try and don’t get it just right. I give myself credit for trying :O) I hope you do the same when things didn’t turn out just the way you wanted. It is in the trying the effort lays.DSC00349

Whit the heap of my knitting in front of me it is time to make some decisions. This  one was easy: I list some on Etsy and have a model sale! I think I will start doing this every year as part of my spring cleaning. Not all items can go on sale though. I have discovered that what I don’t like some one else might like! But I am very particular about quality and if items are not up to my standard – well then I am stuck with them!


This capelet was replaced by another one in my knitting book “Knit Nordic”

If you keep an eye on my Etsy store in the coming days you might pick up a hand knit garment like no other! All of the items listed are either projects I developed and made knitting patterns for or things that were left out of my knitting book Knit Nordic.

That is all for now! I need to go back to my spring cleaning!

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